Listed below are the frequently asked questions we receive from potential partners about the MD Tech Pro Referral Partner Program. 

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What is the history of MD Tech Pro?

MD Tech Pro, a healthcare IT company providing IT support for medical practices and other services, provided services directly to healthcare clients. The company provided support services throughout the United States until 2014 when the partners either sold off their client based or reformed under a new company name. Two of the partners kept the good will and strong brand presence of MD Tech Pro and have converted it into a national lead generation and partner program entity.

Does MD Tech Pro provide IT services directly?

No! MD Tech Pro works with partners to provide IT support services and solutions and does not compete directly with partners.

How many leads can I expect MD Tech Pro to provide to my business?

Lead flow will vary and will depend upon your geographic location, scope of capabilities, ability to close deals and current market conditions.

What kind of criteria is used to select companies allowed in the MD Tech Pro Partner Referral Program?

Referral partners are selected based on quality of service, scope of capabilities, past service history and geographic location. We reserve the right to terminate a referral agreement with any partner that does not maintain our minimum service and conduct requirements as outlined in our partner agreement.

Will multiple companies be accepted into the program in my geographic area?

Yes. It is possible that multiple providers will apply and be accepted into the partner program. This will only strengthen the MD Tech Pro Partner Program by giving a customer the choice to choose between two or more endorsed vendors.

Can I request exclusivity in my geographic location?

While we don’t offer exclusivity in our Referral Program, we do offer a licensing program that does provide an exclusive marketing territory.