Referral Program Information

By referring an IT services client to MD Tech Pro you can be eligible for special promotions and commissions. Register for the MD Tech Pro Referral Program once and start making referrals. Membership is free and each referral earns you a one-time commission ranging from $250 to over $10,000, depending on recurring agreement size for any prospect that becomes an MD Tech Pro client.

Additionally, Incentive Promotions for our MD Tech Pro Referral Program allow you to earn even more! The best compliment we get is when people refer colleagues, business contacts, customers and friends, and our incentive programs are another way of saying: thank you.

It’s Simple

1. Fill out an application form to join the program.
2. Make referrals.
3. Receive checks.

It’s Rewarding

* Earn a referral fee just for recommending MD Tech Pro
* Earn extra program dollars or credits during Incentive Promotions
* Generate add-on service business
* Align your business with the leader in medical practice IT solutions

Who is eligible to participate?

Any individual or company that has relationships within the healthcare field are welcome to apply for our referral program. The ideal referral program candidate has established relationships within medical practices and healthcare facilities. Business development personnel, medical practice managers, physicians are typical referral program candidates. Note: Referral commissions are not paid for referrals within an organization. ie. Physician or office manager referring their own practice.

How much are referral fees?

$250 per customer referral that signs our then current customer agreement for recurring agreements of $350 to $999 per month

$500 per customer referral that signs our then current customer agreement for recurring agreements of $1,000 to $2,499 per month

A one time payment equal to 20% per customer referral that signs our then current customer agreement for recurring agreements of $2,599 or more per month

How do I make a referral?

Referrals are submitted via our web site. Referrals can be made by company leaders and/or your sales team (consistent with your company guidelines). A referral is defined as a named contact with company affiliation and contact information determined solely by MD Tech Pro as having an interest in purchasing IT services. We accept referrals for healthcare and medical practice IT support customers that are based in the U.S. and Canada

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Have a question about our referral program? Contact Mike Vanderslice at 480.463.4638

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of referral agents are a good fit for the MD Tech Pro Referral Program

The best referral agents will be active in the medical community and have existing relationships that they can promote MD Tech Pro services to. Referral agents who actively cold call or meet with medical practice facilities can also be very successful.

Can MD Tech Pro help me with developing email, web and other advertisements to promote to prospects? Yes. Just contact your reseller manager for more information if you have a list of prospects you can reach out to.

How long do I have to wait for payments? Commissions will be paid to you within 30 days of when we receive payment from the customer.
What if the organization I refer does not become an MD Tech Pro customer?  Commissions are only issued for referrals when they result in a sale of MD Tech Pro recurring IT services. Referrals that do not become customers are not eligible for commission payments. During Incentive Promotions, accepted leads are eligible for payments or credits according to promotion terms.
What size medical practice or healthcare facility can MD Tech Pro service? MD Tech Pro can support any size facility. We currently support medical practices with 1 physician and facilities with over 50 physicians and multiple locations.
What geographic areas does MD Tech Pro support? MD Tech Pro currently provides support services to the United States and Canada.
What services does MD Tech Pro provide?
MD Tech Pro provides complete IT solutions for an organization. These services include but are not limited to: 24/7/365 remote monitoring; remote, telephone and on-site support; IT security management; technology planning meetings; EMR transitioning, implementation and support services; full-time staffing for larger organizations; and a trouble ticket system for each customer. Essentially, MD Tech Pro becomes the organizations IT department.
Can I participate in the sales process with my referral along with MD Tech Pro?
Yes, and we highly enccourage your involvement. This will improve the likelihood of us winning the client as well as provide you with insight into how to position and sell our services going forward. This will make you more successful and will increase your opportunity to receive more referral fees.