MDTechPro is the market leader in the healthcare IT industry. Through a hand-selected group of referral partners and licensees, we provide medical practice IT support and EMR support to medical practices.

How We Started

The origins of MD Tech Pro began during the 1990’s when the founders of the company worked for a medical practice in Atlanta, GA. Working as a Director of IT and Medical Practice Office Manager, the founders of MD Tech Pro had first-hand experience of what it took to build and run a successful practice. Today MDTechPro has a team of healthcare IT experts with experience supporting practices of all sizes from a few people to over 500 within a multi-location healthcare organization.

Our Philosophy and Mission

MDTechPro forges strong relationships in the medical community with vendors, medical practices, hospitals and healthcare facilities with the goal of providing clients with the best technology advice and support in the industry. With our assistance, healthcare facilities and medical practices are able to deliver quality patient care while building or maintaining a profitable and efficient business.

With this guiding philosophy, MDTechPro became the leading national brand in ambulatory IT and EMR support services in the United States

Company Overview

Through our company and partners:

  • Focused exclusively on supporting healthcare facilities and medical practices
  • Over 25 years of healthcare IT experience
  • Experience supporting over 50 different EMR and PM systems or affiliated products
  • One of the largest networks of IT support for medical practice groups in the US
  • Board of directors and key leadership have experience building national service brands

MDTechPro is a privately held company.