Bad EMR Support

As an IT vendor that supports medical practices, we get to hear the complaints from customers, medical practices and physicians about the support they receive from their EMR vendor. It’s really unfortunate since in most cases EMR and practive management software solutions are pretty good. But if you marry up a great product with poor service, customers notice.

The Most Common Bad EMR Support Comments are…

  • My EMR support sucks and they never get back to us
  • I’m unhappy with my EMR support
  • We can’t understand the people who provide support or they are from another country
  • Our EMR support company always tells us it’s an IT issue
  • Tickets remain open and unresolved for weeks or even months
  • Our EMR support contract is expensive but the service stinks
  • Had we knows EMR support was so bad, we would have selected another EMR
  • And the list goes on…

How we work with your EMR Vendor

We like to say we make your EMR support better. That’s because we work closely together with your EMR vendor to get the most out of their support offering. We basically speak their language. Plus in most cases we’ve ruled out an IT problem before you or we contact your EMR vendor for support. This is half the battle along with speaking the right language.

We can also help hold your EMR vendor accountable to working on and finishing up support tickets. Why? Part of the reason is we make their job easier so they like working with someone who speaks their language and can get results. So in many cases, we get support before the practice can and in other cases we have a book door to the EMR support team.

So the next time you are feeling the pain of EMR support, think about your IT provider and if they are helping you solve this issue. If they aren’t, it’s time to look for a new IT provider.


Want to talk about your EMR support issues? We are here to listen. Just call us at 888.638.3242. Let us be part of our EMR support solution.