Best IT support for medical practices

Best IT support for medical practices

When we started MD Tech Pro over 10 years ago, our goal was and mission was pretty simple. We wanted to create the best IT support company for medical practices and healthcare in the industry.

While some companies hope to be the biggest, we wanted to focus on quality. Being the best can take on several different meanings and there are many great healthcare IT companies out there. One important thing about being the best is being honest enough to say when we aren’t the best fit and when another provider is a better solution. Not many companies will do that but at MD Tech Pro I’m proud to say on numerous occasions we’ve referred a medical practice or physician to a solution that was better for their exact needs.

What makes MD Tech Pro the best IT support company for a medical practice? Here are a few things.

Honesty and Options – We are honest with our customers. We provide an honest assessment and pros and cons of various options. That way our customers can make an informed decision and feel good about their decision.

Fair Pricing – We aren’t the cheapest or the most expense medical practice IT support company out there. What we do offer is a price (Flat rate when possible) that provides a valuable solution for our medical practice clients while allowing us to compensate and invest in out staff.

Proactive Support and Service – From day one proactive support was a term we tossed around and how we knew we could be different and provide better IT support for medical practices. Proactive means we invest in systems so that we can monitor every piece of technology within a medical practice. By doing so we can often recognize and fix a problem before it leads to downtime within a medical practice. No downtime = better IT support for a medical practice.

Friendly and Caring Service – Every person we hire at MD Tech Pro is screened and measured on the level of support they provide as well as customer satisfaction. To provide the best IT support we knew we couldn’t just focus on getting the issue fixed or preventing downtime. We also need to be friendly and truly care about providing great service to our customers.

Technology Education – We love technology and our entire team stays up on the latest trends and best practices in healthcare IT. This helps us to educate our customers and implement the best technology within each of our valuable medical practice clients.

Part of Your Team – The relationships we have with our medical practices can best be described as “we are part of the team”. We work side by side with practice administrators, owners, physicians, office managers and staff to make sure they have the technology tools they need to succeed. We want to understand the goals of the practice and then collaborate to achieve them. Go team!

Are you looking to find the best IT support company for your medical practice? Let’s chat. We’d love to hear about your medical practice, your current challenges and how we can help you achieve your goals.