eClinicalWorks Software Update Support

We get multiple support requests a week from new customers asking for help upgrading their eClinicalWorks EMR software. In many cases it’s from a medical practice that has some basic IT support through an “IT guy” or a non-healthcare IT company that doesn’t have enough experience to do it well. One of the huge benefits of having a support agreement with a healthcare IT company that focuses exclusively on helping medical practices is EMR software upgrades are something we have a lot of experience completing.

At MD Tech Pro we’ve done hundreds if not thousands of EMR software updates over the last year. We’ve developed a good process and systems to make sure eClinicalWorks software updates go smoothly. We are a leading provider of eClinicalWorks support offerings.

Megan Ward an office manager with a 4 physician medical practice in Atlanta states “MD Tech Pro handles all of our eClinicalWorks software updates and keeps our systems up and running. Before MD Tech Pro we had updates that resulted in computers not working and downtime for our practice.” eClinicalWorks is a sophisticated and powerful EMR that requires expertise to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Issues with poorly implemented eClinicalWorks upgrades include

  • Some computers not connecting to eClinicalWorks
  • eClinicalWorks is running slow
  • ECW is crashing or freezing
  • New features or processes are not understood by clinical staff

eClinicalWorks update best practices

Here are just a few ECW software updates tips to follow:

  • Review the ECW quick start guide
  • Review and ensure eClinicalWorks hardware requirements are met upgrading hardware if necessary
  • Watch any upgrade or training videos provided by ECW
  • Inform and schedule upgrades with providers and staff
  • Develop a plan (if needed) to educate providers and staff of new eClinicalWorks features that impact workflow
  • Establish ECW super users within the practice and conduct training
  • Allow plenty of time to complete the ECW upgrade after hours to prevent downtime

If you are having problems with eClinicialWorks or need help with updates or are having problems, let us know.