Integrated EHR and Practice Management Solution

Benefits for Patients, Practice and Profitability

  • Improved patient care – Makes time spent with patients more productive and improves management of information essential to patient care
  • Validated ROI – Delivers documented return on investment of $21,600 to $81,500 annually per physician post-implementation
  • Fewer errors – Standardizes processes and allows medical sta?ff to access information in a comprehensive shared view
  • Reduced liability – Provides alerts and standards that help employees avoid making errors that could put the practice at risk
  • Maximized profitability – Enables practices to reduce costs, increase e? ciency, and optimize the use of practice resources

Clinical Comprehensive, Customizable Functionality
Greenway PrimeSuite makes information available in real-time throughout the practice, giving your staff on-demand access to the data they need. Some of the Greenway solution’s features include:

Greenway Clinical Charting:

  • e-Prescribe – provides the ability to submit a prescription electronically to the patient’s preferred pharmacy
  • User Settings – allows settings of numerous chart preferences
  • Patient Lists – practice workflow centered list of patients to be seen with role specific user filtering
  • Clinical Alerts – allow to create and modify the guidelines that trigger reminders
  • Clinician Desktop – provides key features on the main login page for quick provider access
  • Orders Tracking – allows orders tracking straight from the desktop

Greenway Practice Management:

  • Scheduling – Integrates scheduling capabilities, providing a complete, up- to-the-minute view of schedules for the entire organization
  • Patient registration – Speeds new patient registration and minimizes errors by providing an easy-to-use electronic template
  • Accounts receivable – Fully automates and optimizes workflows for all aspects of A/R, including billing, claims processing, applying payments, and more
  • Reporting – Offers standardized and customizable reports
  • Messaging – Provides an easy-to-use platform for messaging, enabling staff to effectively track, categorize and manage electronic communications

Greenway – Technology That Works in Your Environment
Designed to fit seamlessly into a medical practice, Greenway PrimeSuite offers customizable templates to promote rapid adoption in all practice areas, ensuring physicians experience little interruption in their daily routines.

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