IT support for hospitals

With hospitals buying up medical practice groups, MD Tech Pro is fielding more and more calls from hospitals needing IT support for the practices they buy.

With most hospitals having their own internal IT departments, they typically only have experience supporting the EMR that is implemented in the hospital. But when they acquire these practices, the practice might be on any one of a number of EMR platforms. For example, the hospital might be on Epic but the medical practices they acquire might be on Allcripts, Greenway, eClinicalWorks, Intergy, Practice Fusion or others.

We heard several horror stories from these hospitals about trying to support all of these different EMR systems. Plus with resources spread really thin, they just weren’t able to provide the support the practice needed. In some cases data was even lost or systems were down for days at a time until a member of the hosptial IT team from the hospital could work on the issue.

That’s where MD Tech Pro steps in. We are able to completely provide the support the medical practice while providing the hospital IT team with the access and connectivity they need to pull reports, integrate labs and data feeds or to manage backups. It’s truly a win-win for the medical practice and the hospital.

If you are an administrator with a hospital group that is acquiring medical practices, contact MD Tech Pro to discuss how we can help. We can provide help desk services, remote and on-site IT support, hosted cloud services, backup solutions and also serve as tier 1 for EMR support in many cases. With our nationwide partner network, MD Tech Pro is the best choice for outsourced hospital IT support.