MD Tech Pro offers a licensing program for IT companies that are looking to grow a healthcare IT support practice. Our licensing program gives a company the exclusive rights to use the MD Tech Pro name and trademark material in their territory.


Licensing Program Overview

How can your company benefit from joining the MD Tech Pro Partner Licensing Program?

  • Medical practices and hospitals like to do business with healthcare specific companies. The trademarked MD Tech Pro brand helps to open these doors by being medical specific!
  • Do you know it costs about $150,000 and about 3 years to build a recognized brand in healthcare IT in a medium sized regional market? With the MD Tech Pro licensing program you get the benefits without the huge upfront time and expense.
  • We’ve done the up-front branding work for you. Plus you will be part of a nationwide network of quality healthcare IT professionals. This is a huge value proposition for your prospects and customers and can help you win more deals.

How does the MD Tech Pro licensing program work?

The program is quite simple.

  • You get to use our brand exclusively in your selected territory. No other licensee will be permitted to use the brand in your market.
  • You get to use our marketing materials and we can help develop customized ones for you if desired.
  • The customers you win are yours. Even if you choose to leave the program.
  • You pay a flat monthly fee based on market size and other conditions. No franchise or referral fees.
  • It’s an annual program with annual renewals. Don’t see the value, you can leave the program or stay a licencee as long as you want.
  • We send you any lead that is in your territory and you meet with the prospect and win the deal. Easy peasy!

How do I get leads?

  • You get to use the MD Tech Pro marketing materials to canvass your market. We can even help you build a marketing plan and support you in your efforts.
  • We have established relationships with EMR, vendor partners, and current customers that refer business to us that we refer to you.
  • Organic search via Google and Bing – We’ve spent a lot of time and effort to rank highly for important keywords and searches. Don’t believe us, Google “medical practice IT support“, “medical IT support” or “healthcare IT support” and see where we rank. Chances are we are number 1 or in the top 5 on Google for these search terms and many others. These rankings = leads!
  • Other marketing programs. We will periodically run webinars and other marketing campaigns that drive lead opportunities.

Branding & Marketing Benefits

As a licensee, you will enjoy the following:

  • Exclusive rights to use the MD Tech Pro brand in your territory
  • Access to marketing materials & graphic design team
  • Use of our toll free number 888MDTECH2
  • Access to special offers and marketing programs
  • Use of MD Tech Pro trade show banners (shipping and handling fee only)
  • Access to the MD Tech Pro team for marketing consulting, sales consulting & planning
  • Access to special offers and marketing programs
  • And more!

Ongoing Support Solutions

Every licensee is different so we offer several programs and support solutions to support you:

  • Access to the MD Tech Pro team for marketing consulting, sales consulting & planning
  • Access to special offers and marketing programs
  • Email marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Answering service
  • Proposal building
  • Help desk services
  • HR support
  • And more!

* Support solutions may require additional fees

When we collaborate, we all win!

Running an IT business is hard work and there are times we all need some help or new ideas.

Imagine having access to a team of healthcare IT support companies across the country that you can engage with. Share best practices, share resources and skill sets on support opportunities, or win a new opportunity by filling in skills gaps with technology or geographical coverage issues.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in the situation when a prospect needed a skill set our company didn’t have or experience on an EHR platform. Imagine being able to leverage the MD Tech Pro network to expand and grow your business!

Access to our pool of quality healthcare IT professionals

MD Tech Pro is constantly on the lookout for great talent that we can refer to our referral and licensing partners. We’ve built an extensive list of candidates that are looking for new positions in a healthcare IT environment and we can line up candidates to interview for your open positions.

Our recruiting program focuses exclusively on healthcare IT support candidates both in engineering, support and sales roles. We understand how hard it is to find great candidates to work in your healthcare IT business. That’s why MD Tech Pro started this program. We want to help you solve one of your biggest challenges and that is the hiring of a great team.

As a licensee you will receive 10% off of our already low recruiting fees. And you only pay for candidates you hire!

Start-Up Kit Includes

We want you to be successful and help build out a great brand under the MD Tech Pro brand in your market. Here is what our program includes at start-up:

  • 1000 MD Tech Pro business cards
  • 500 MD Tech Pro brochures
  • 50 MD Tech Pro folders for presentations

Marketing & Sales Support

  • Use of MD Tech Pro trade show banners (shipping and handling fee only)
  • 4 Hours of start-up marketing trainin

Pricing starts at just $99 per month! 

Pricing is based on your territory, population size and other factors but you can be the exclusive licensee in a territory for as little as $99 per month. Larger market territories like Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Dallas are $500 to $750 per month with pricing in-between for mid-sized markets. These are flat monthly fees – no additional fees due for deals won or revenue generated

Some markets available and pricing:

  • Chicago, Atlanta & Los Angeles – $750 per month
  • Boston MA – $550 per month
  • Hampton Roads or Richmond VA, DC & Northern VA, Charlotte NC, Portland OR, Las Vegas NV, – $450 per month
  • Chattanooga TN, Greenville SC – $250 per month
  • Hundreds of small markets at $99 per month
  • More pricing – just contact us

We want to get to know you and vice versa!

Are you ready to get started or have more questions about the MD Tech Pr licensing program? What are the next steps?

  • Schedule a discovery call or ask us questions
  • If the program seems like a good fit and you are a good fit for the program, we will provide a licensing agreement
  • Upon agreement execution, you are ready to get started!

Got Questions or Ready to Sign Up?

If you are interested in the program, we would like to set up a discovery call to answer your questions and to ask you a few questions. We are committed to finding the right partners to participate in the licensing program and this first call will help both parties make an informed decision.

Schedule Discovery Call or Ask a Question