MD Tech Pro, Dyson Consulting Services, LLC & InHealth to Host a Lunch & Learn in Atlanta GA

MD Tech Pro, Dyson Consulting Services, LLC & InHealth to offer a “Lunch and Learn” in Atlanta GA for Medical Providers and Practice Administrators. The event will be held October 5, 2011 in Atlanta GA.

Meeting Overview: 

  • Attesting for Meaningful Use in 2011 and beyond
  • 10 Critical things to consider in selecting an EHR
  • What it takes to keep your EHR up and running
  • Lunch will be served!

           About Dyson Consulting Services, LLC:
In the years of service, Dyson Consulting Services, LLC has supported doctors and business owners in inheriting funds instantly, and generating commissions. 

Dyson Consulting Services, LLC is committed to encouraging doctors of all types with their available resources and utilizing innovative technologies. Dyson Consulting Services, LLC provides Electronic Medical Claims Filing, RAC Audits, Patient Payment Plans, Profit Recovery and Patient Well Care. 

Today, Dyson Consulting Services, LLC is commited to helping you increase your patient base and build your practice.

           About InHealth:
In the years of service, InHealth focal point is entirely based on health care practices and individual concerns. 

InHealth offers an extensive Practice Protection Pledge in the industry their success is proof of their ability to consistently meet personalized needs. With over 200+ associates and serving more than 25,000 medical practices in all 50 states and Canada. 

Today, InHealth is commited to making a difference and engaging on a personal level while enhancing the value of your practice.

About MD Tech Pro:
MD Tech Pro is a privately held company that has been providing IT and EMR support services to medical practices since 1997 throughout the United States.

MD Tech Pro forges strong relationships in the medical community and provides clients with the best technology advice and support in the industry. By partnering with MD Tech Pro, healthcare facilities and medical practices are able to deliver quality patient care while building or maintaining a profitable and efficient business. With this guiding philosophy, MD Tech Pro plans on becoming the leading national brand in ambulatory IT and EHR support services in North America.

Today MD Tech Pro is one of the fastest growing healthcare IT companies in the US.

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