IT Support for Osteopathic Medical Practices

MD Tech Pro provides IT support and EMR solutions for osteopathic medical practices of all sizes. Find out why so many DO physicians (Doctors of osteopathy) select MD Tech Pro as their IT partner in their practice. Unlike traditional IT vendors, MD Tech Pro focuses exclusively on supporting medical practices and the special needs of a DO so we understand the inner workings of your practice and the devices that require integration with your technology systems.

Benefits to Your Osteopathic Medical Practice

  • Improved patient care – We take care of the technology that helps you take care of the patients. We provide proactice monitoring and support to keep your systems up and running so you can focus on patient care.
  • Discounts on PC’s, Servers and Hardware – When it comes time to invest in new hardware for your practice, you can take advantage of our collective national buying power with top vendors including Dell, IBM, HP, Apple, Sony, Fujitsu and more! We also are a great source for printers, scanners and backup solutions.
  • Data management and protection – Keeping your data protected and available at the speeds you need is our specialty. We are HIPAA experts and can ensure your data is safe and secure in your medical practice.
  • Maximized profitability – Using MD Tech Pro allows DO’s to improve profitiblity by lowering overall IT costs and improving effeciency and patient care.
  • New technology – We are constantly looking for the best technology for your practice including cloud based, mobile and solutions for your practice.

Osteopathic EMR Support
MD Tech Pro has experience working with most of the top EMR providers that are common within osteopathic medical practices. When you work with MD Tech Pro, we will make sure you get the true value from your EMR software solution whether you are just getting ready to select a solution, implement one or you already have an EMR in place.

MD Tech Pro EMR Support Benefits to Your Osteopathic Practice

  • Selection – Let us help you select and negotiate the best EMR solution for your osteopathic practice.
  • Implementation – Your practice will benefit from our team of healthcare IT experts who has helped to implement EMR software in hundreds of medical practices throughout the US.
  • Upgrades – practice workflow centered list of patients to be seen with role specific user filtering
  • Support – allow to create and modify the guidelines that trigger reminders
  • EMR Hardware – Don’t overpay for hardware from your EMR vendor. Buy approved hardware using MD Tech Pro’s national buying power.

MD Tech Pro – Technology Services That Understand Your Practice!
Our services fit seamlessly into your osteopathic medical practice ensuring physicians and DO’s can provide the best patient care and improve efficiency and profitibility in your practice!

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