PAHCOM to Host a Meet and Greet at the MD Tech Pro training Facility in Atlanta GA
Posted: Aug 11, 2011
PAHCOM  Southeast Chapter to offer a meet and greet at the MD Tech Pro training Facility, Atlanta GA for Newly installed Officers. The event will be held August 24, 2011 in Atlanta GA.

The meeting will include: Highlights of PAHCOM’s newly installed Officers as well as providing resources to the medical office managers and practice administrators to help improve efficiencies, compliance and profitability for their practices.

In 23 years of service, PAHCOM has grown from Professional Association of Health Care Office Management into an experience and knowledge of thousands of peers building awareness for small groups or solo physican practice managers.

For 30 years, founder Richard Blanchette served in the U.S. Navy Medical Department as Lieutenant-Commander, Medical Service Corps Officer. He also trained as an “Independent Duty Corpsman” and was known as the “Doc” on Navy board ships. He retired in 1988 and founded the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM) which emerged from his Masters Thesis entitled “Administrative Management of Small Group Physician Practices”.

Today, PAHCOM’s purpose is to continue the pursuit of excellence in the management of physician office practices and overriding long term strategic goals.

About MD Tech Pro:
MD Tech Pro is a privately held company that has been providing IT and EMR support services to medical practices since 1997 throughout the United States.

MD Tech Pro forges strong relationships in the medical community and provides clients with the best technology advice and support in the industry. By partnering with MD Tech Pro, healthcare facilities and medical practices are able to deliver quality patient care while building or maintaining a profitable and efficient business. With this guiding philosophy, MD Tech Pro plans on becoming the leading national brand in ambulatory IT and EHR support services in North America.

Today MD Tech Pro is one of the fastest growing healthcare IT companies in the US.

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