MD Tech Pro partners with IT companies to deliver technology solutions and medical IT support services nationwide. We are actively looking for great companies who are interested in providing managed IT services, break/fix solutions, project based work, implementations and help desk services to healthcare facilities. Are you interested in growing your business and receiving lead opportunities from MD Tech Pro?

Referral Program Overview

How can your company benefit from joining the MD Tech Pro Partner Referral Program?

Here is how your company will benefit:

  • Receive new sales lead opportunities in your support area
  • Use our partner logo to win new opportunities
  • Engage and exchange ideas with other healthcare IT companies
  • Consulting opportunities with MD Tech Pro leadership
  • Recruiting program with qualified candidates to choose from
  • Access to special offers and marketing programs
  • And more as the program grows! Click tabs to left for more information.

Want to grow your business?

Are you looking to grow your healthcare IT support business and want more leads? We receive hundreds of leads every month throughout the United States that we are looking to refer to businesses like yours. Whether you are looking for leads in your local area or wish to partner with us on national or remote opportunities, we can provide you with new client opportunities.

How does it work?

When we obtain a sales lead in your geographical or area of capability, we will reach out to you to see if it’s something you are interested in pursuing. Depending on the opportunity, we will arrange a discovery call, in-person appointment or refer the lead information to you for follow-up. In return you will pay MD Tech Pro a small referral fee. There are no fees if the appointment does not lead to a proposal or a closed sale. Easy peasy!

Endorsements Are Important!

In the healthcare vertical, gaining the endorsement or partnering with other leading vendors can help you win new business

We all know that healthcare facilities and medical practices look for endorsements when choosing a vendor. By being part of the MD Tech Pro Trusted Partner network, you will have a leg up on your competition and can close more deals. In many cases these endorsements allow you to reduce deal close time by being able to avoid reference checks and by differentiating you from the competition.

Partners are encouraged to place the MD Tech Pro Trusted Partner logo on their proposals to clients, on sales collateral and on their website showing the MD Tech Pro endorsement.

When we collaborate, we all win!

Running an IT business is hard work and there are times we all need some help or new ideas.

Imagine having access to a team of healthcare IT support companies across the country that you can engage with. Share best practices, share resources and skill sets on support opportunities, or win a new opportunity by filling in skills gaps with technology or geographical coverage issues.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in the situation when a prospect needed a skill set our company didn’t have or experience on an EHR platform. Imagine being able to leverage the MD Tech Pro network to expand and grow your business!

Access to our pool of quality healthcare IT professionals

MD Tech Pro is constantly on the lookout for great talent that we can refer to our referral and licensing partners. We’ve built an extensive list of candidates that are looking for new positions in a healthcare IT environment and we can line up candidates to interview for your open positions.

Our recruiting program focuses exclusively on healthcare IT support candidates both in engineering, support and sales roles. We understand how hard it is to find great candidates to work in your healthcare IT business. That’s why MD Tech Pro started this program. We want to help you solve one of your biggest challenges and that is the hiring of a great team.

As a partner you will receive 10% off of our already low recruiting fees. And you only pay for candidates you hire!

Simple pricing for a powerful program!

The program is simple and we want to provide you with incredible value and ROI for joining. Our referral fees are simple and we only want you to provide referrals fees for good opportunities. In exchange for the lead or sale, the following referral fees are paid to MD Tech Pro.

Fee Schedule:

  • Annual Membership – $199 / Introductory Special – Join for FREE!
  • Monthly Service Contract Won – 7% of agreement due monthly for 24 months
  • Project Contract Won – 7% of agreement due as paid by client
  • Product Sales – 10% of profit on hardware or software
  • Hardware or software as a service – 7% of agreement due monthly for 24 months

Signing up and getting started is easy!

The process to get started only takes a few minutes.

Referral Partner Program Signup Process:

  • Complete the online application
  • MD Tech Pro reviews your application
  • If you are approved, we send you our standard partner agreement
  • Upon agreement execution, we publish a joint press release
  • We start sending you leads and involve you in our partner program

Got Questions or Ready to Sign Up?

If you have any questions before applying for the program, we are happy to set up a discovery call to go over the program and answer any questions you might have. Also be sure to check out our FAQ section.

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