Sage Intergy and Reducing Hardware and Support Costs

Lately we have seen quite a few practices paying a premium for hardware they purchase directly from Intergy. To make matters worse, these practices think they don’t have a choice and that Intergy requires them to purchase hardware from them. This is not the case.

As an example of the cost savings by working with a healthcare IT vendor like MD Tech pro, we recently worked with a medical practice that was quoted over $8,000 for a server from Intergy that should have been priced at no more than $3,000. This was for the exact same brand and specifications for an apples to apples comparison. To make matters worse, the practice would then be required to pay Intergy 20% of the original inflated cost for a support contract each and every year. Most practices can’t afford to be overspending for hardware and even if you could, why would they?

I’m not trying to throw Intergy under the bus as every company should be able to have reasonable margins and Intergy is not the only vendor who has very healthy mark-ups on their hardware. As the trusted advisor for medical practices, MD Tech Pro is proud to offer a free service to Intergy clients where we will review any hardware recommendations or quotes free of charge whether you are a client of ours or not. Just give us a call or request a free consultation and we’ll be happy to help with infromation and hopefully a quote that will go a long way in reducing your hardware and support cost for  Intergy.

Information: MD Tech Pro has been supporting Intergy and other EMR solutions for over 10 years. MD Tech Pro is endorsed by numerous medical associations throughout the US.