Save money with our medical practice IT support offering?

We hear from office managers and healthcare administrators all the time looking to improve their medical practice IT support. It always comes down to saving money and getting the most value for what they are paying coupled with getting great service. You want an IT company that focuses 100% on healthcare, that is proactive and can deliver results.

Instead of talking about all the things we can do for your medical practice, let’s share a few recent success stories large and small.

Chicago Specialty Practice

How did we help? We helped the practice transition to ECW, replaced their aging equipment, helped solve some HIPAA related issues and installed a new improved ISP solution.

Financial: Monthly spend for IT went from $3,800 per month to $3,150 per month.

Atlanta Based Multi-Site Practice

How did we help? Replaced 2 full-time internal IT staff with our managed services solution. This provided them with an expanded help desk, faster and better service and less downtime.

Financial: Their IT support costs went from over $10,000 per month to $7,850 per month.

West Palm Beach Cardiology Practice

How did we help? This small practice needed proactive management of their IT systems including backups, hosting and HIPAA support. We went in and cleaned up many issues and reduced their IT issues and eliminated the weekly downtime they were experiencing.

Financial: They were on a break fix agreement with average IT spend being approximately $800 per month. Their currently monthly spend is now under $700 with zero downtime.

Marietta GA Primary Care Physician Group

How did we help? They were not happy with the support they were receiving by their previous IT company. We helped to improve the response time, improved their on-site infrastructure, moved them to cloud hostings and cleaned up numerous HIPAA related issues.

Financial: Monthly spend for IT was $4,500. We were able to offer better service for the same price.

Contact us so we can provide you with a competitive quote or you are looking to improve the IT support at your medical practice!