Intergy EHR and Medical Manager solutions were one of the first EMR solutions available in the healthcare industry. MD Tech Pro has years of experience supporting Intergy implementations and installations and we have hired experts from Intergy to work directly as part of our Intergy support team.

We have worked extensively with the Intergy support team and can assist your medical practice in maximizing the support and value you receive from your Intergy investment. MD Tech Pro is the best solution for Intergy support!

How We Can Help Your Practice
MD Tech Pro has a team of experienced Intergy experts to assist your medical practice with:

  • Report development and data mining.
  • Transitioning, implementation and support for Intergy
  • Hardware, installation and setup to support Intergy implementations and upgrades
  • Configuration services to interface with lab orders and results, medical billing systems or other interface requirements with your Intergy installation.
  • Managing support tickets within your practice and engaging Intergy support for issues.
  • Intergy reporting
  • Intergy software updates
  • Intergy backup solutions

How We Save Your Practice Money
Did you know if you are have a contract with Intergy that you are overpaying for support you don’t need every month? For example, you are most likely paying 20% for support on hardware even on items like keyboards, ethernet cables, mice and other products each and every month. MD Tech Pro can reduce these costs including the cost of new equipment and improve your support through:

  • Better pricing on new equipment for Intergy including servers, laptops, desktops and other equipment
  • Eliminate or reducation of the ongoing 20% you pay to Intergy for every piece of hardware you buy from directly.

For more information about Intergy support and our medical practice IT support services, contact us.

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Intergy is owned by Greenway Health and was previous knows as Sage Intergy and Vitera Intergy

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