Why your medical practice needs access to a technology help desk

There are so many benefits to having a help desk. Practices who rely on an IT company or an “IT guy” are at a distinct disadvantage in managing their practice if they don’t have help desk services.

What does a help desk offer and how does it help:

Speed and Efficiency – A qualified and properly staffed help desk can respond quickly to questions and issues. The old way is you call your IT person and when they have time they stop by or remote in to help you. Having a help desk waiting for your call or email that can respond immediately if it’s critical in nature helps you to keep your practice running smoothly. A medical IT help desk like that at MD Tech Pro can also help triage and assist with basic EMR and practice management software issues as well and open tickets with your EMR vendor.

It’s Proactive – A great help desk team is proactively monitoring and managing your EMR server, desktop computers, laptops, backups and security threats to ensure you are protected and maintain better up-time. Monitoring software on each device alerts the help desk team to an issue and these are taken care of before you even know about them.

It’s a Great Investment – Some practices roll the dice and only pay for service as they need it. But this can set you up for great expense and even business downtime. We’ve seen practices have to close for several days and have to pay for costly data recovery that cost them well over $50,000 in one week instead of spending $6,000 over the course of a year to be protected and have immediate support from a help desk and on-site staff all year long. Investing in IT is critical for your practice and it is a great investment!


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